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headphonesA team from the University of Leicester recently proved that noises louder than 110 decibels cause damage to a special type nerve cell coating, which in turn can cause tinnitus (basically a buzzing or whining in the ears – and here’s me thinking that it just made things sound ‘a bit tinny’) and even temporary deafness in some cases.

So how does it actually sound? Not fantastic, to be honest. There’s a real loss of detail, especially when you play songs through the speakers rather than the headphones. The guitars on AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) sounded very fuzzy, and this was even more noticeable when pumped up loud. Bass is heavy, but lacks punchiness, and the treble is a bit underwhelming.

At the same time, prices have fallen for some audio gear. For instance, the average selling price for wireless speakers dropped 33 percent to $73 this year compared with last year, according to NPD. And Best Buy, Amazon and other stores have offered deep discounts on some audio gear.

The credit of inventing the first radio transmitter and receiver goes to Motorola. Motorola created and coined the word ‘walkie talkie’ and the model was called Motorola SCR -300 that was based on frequency modulation. This version was a backpack mounted version.

Either that or we have all been at this time; you are trying to catch a train, kick the seat before you and blame it on some teenager, or some scallywag runs over your foot because he is too busy on his iPhone. When you’ve ever been in any of these iPhone-related conditions (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) then you obviously need an iPhone earpiece/iPhone headphones. No, don’t argue, you do.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched last month and set out to raise $250,000 to bankroll the project. It blew past that mark with ease and, with half a month left, was on the verge of breaking the $1 million mark Wednesday.

Along with them, these earphones also provide great sound quality as well as portability because the pads are made up of elastomer or silicone rubber. Mostly it is thought that these materials are used for isolating noise but these are also used for placing the earphone in the ear.

The company itself has remained cagey regarding details. The official word so far is that “Any description of what Andy and his team might actually create are speculations of the author and the people he interviewed”

High levels of service are also demanded in this sophisticated gaming environment, and an efficient two-way communications system would enable individual teams within the casino to communicate quickly and efficiently with one another, responding to customer needs and delivering the high-quality service that casino patrons expect. Of particular concern was the need for technicians to monitor the operation of thousands of slot machines and respond to technical problems immediately.

JBL S100a inlineThat said, if balance is your top priority, you’ll probably find the S100 is weighted a bit too much in favor of the lows. On Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” his baritone vocals get a lot more added richness than they probably need. There’s still plenty of treble edge there to keep a sense of clarity, providing his vocals with a decent high-mid presence and allowing the guitar strums not to get lost, but the mix seems a bit too weighted towards the lows for anyone seeking an accurate listening experience.

A cord-less set could provide great audio quality, it could have exactly the same caliber as a 5.1 surround speaker. If you close your eyes, the sound details are so real that watching a car chase from a television will have a feeling of cars from left and proper, the location with the helicopter on best, and the police vehicles chasing at the back.

Weve thrown completely random pop-culture references at you (everything from Wacky Races to 007 himself) and weve (hopefully) had a few laughs amongst all the dry facts and data. If youve read all of these things so far, then thanks, we appreciate your time.

If you have been wondering how Bluetooth headsets will work for you in the office, you should know that they can be linked to your office phones. The way this works is that the headsets are programmed to work with your current telephones. When one of your employees wants to make a call they can dial the phone, but then they will be able to speak through their hands free head set. When they end the call, the call will be disconnected as soon as they disconnect their headset.

What to look for in Bluetooth Wireless Headsets
The first thing you should check in a wireless headset is the range of the device. The range will vary depending on the version and the power class. In most cases, a Bluetooth wireless headset will be able to connect to a second Bluetooth device within a range of about 30 feet.

Krems and Dunbar wondered if the social group sizes and properties of social networks in such films differ vastly from the real world or classic fiction. They set out to see if the films can side-step the natural cognitive constraints that limit the number and quality of social relationships people can generally manage.